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Simple Freeware Software - Single Page Application - for beginner and expert - no installation - made for personal use and freely available to everybody wants to run it..

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I have updated the software LETTERE AND FATTURE to the 2023.

Thank you for your feedback. But i wish to tell you this website is here since 10 years ago and i never received a donation from anyone.
So i can't spend money for increase the visitors. It isn't my target.
I created my software for passion, and i have shared to who wants to use it.
I guess nobody use it cause I have never received feedback by anyone about it.
Best Regards.

I fixed some errors of Graph in INVENTARIO.

Money is not a target of life. It's an instruments to live. Keep it for your future and not waste it. The life is long and you will need it when you will be ancient. Use part of your money for you, to give to needer.

I have upgraded PRIMANOTA. Replace only file PRIMANOTA.exe to the previous release.

I am developing the PRIMANOTA release 2024, with new future. I will release it next year 2024.